Sabracadabra NFT Project 2024

Sabracadabra NFT Project 2024


SUPERNOVA is our most ambitious project yet, the beginning of a whole ecosystem for our community, quality-focused, high-end avatars, ready for the Metaverse.

A supernova (/ˌsuːpərˈnoʊvə/) is a powerful and luminous stellar explosion. This transient astronomical event occurs during the last evolutionary stages of a massive star or when a white dwarf is triggered into runaway nuclear fusion.

There was a time... in an ancient future where everything is 5D.

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11,111 unique digital fashion NFTs (1/1), split between the pre-sale and public sale. NFTs not redeemed in the pre-sale will be deployed into the public sale.

SUPERNOVA has over 500 trait attributes ranging from fashion, hairstyles, expressions, DNA and special traits. All traits and attributes will be generated randomly and revealed after the public sale.


0.05 Ξ

We want to make the pre-sale as affordable as possible to reward our collectors; hence we have chosen a price point of 0.05Ξ for the SABRACADABRA pre-sale.

SABRACADABRA CBS COLLECTION NFTs gives 3 reserved opportunities to buy into the 48 hr pre-sale.

(excluding the giveaway: that gives only 1 opportunity in pre-sale).


0.0? Ξ

We are still confirming the price of mint for the public sale.

The public sale will be a dutch auction where each buyer can purchase 3 NFTs per user’s wallet.


We tailored our distribution with our early supporters and collectors in mind, team’s hard work, and giving a chance for those who just discovered SABRACADABRA recently to be a part of the community we’re building.


Sabracadabra has put together an ambitious roadmap, encompassing a number of hot topics in the NFT and decentralized spaces.


We will be purchasing and developing an exclusive estate in Decentraland. We plan to host many exciting and fun events, some public to all and some exclusive to Sabracadabra NFT holders. Season 2 will bring wearable fashion inside the Metaverse.


Art sculptures, jewelry and a ready-to-wear special collection.


Probably the most aniticipated item on the roadmap, boutiques all over the world IRL and on the Metaverse.


Collaborations are also on the way with various project groups and artists. More announcements soon.

The future is loading